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American Miniature Cheviots - The ideal dual purpose small sheep

The Best of Breed

Important shearing info on wool page 

Check our "friends" page for photos of our participation in a local "Journey through Bethlehem" - it was an amazing 45-minute "you are there" experience.

"Be shepherds of God's flock"
.......1 Peter 5:2

Welcome to Shepherd's Croft Farm in beautiful
Bucks County, Pennsylvania, where we produce
fine sheep and outstanding spinning fleeces.
We are breeders of American Miniature Cheviot sheep
  We sell lambs, raw wool, roving, and wool products.

Toni and Pete Kellers

Toni and Pete Kellers, shepherds

 At The Croft our foundation flock  consists of registered American Miniature Cheviots, both dilute black and white. These wonderful little sheep have excellent fleeces for hand-spinners. Dilute Black is our term for the colored mini Cheviots that we breed. Their wool appears to be a heathery grey when carded, but it is actually a combination of white and black fibers. In photos it may look somewhat light brown, but that is sun-bleaching and does not affect the carded color. We have occasionally dyed the white fleeces, with excellent results. But recently Toni experimented with dying the dilute black and the color was fabulous! The white fibers picked up the dye and the black fibers toned it down to a luscious jewel tone! What a delightful surprise!